Completed Projects

No59   High Temperature Cooling and Low Temperature Heating in Buildings     
No58   Reliable Building Energy Performance Characterisation Based on Full Scale Dynamic Measurements     
No57   Evaluation of Embodied Energy and CO2 Equivalent Emissions for Building Construction     
No55   Reliability of Energy Efficient Building Retrofitting - Probability Assessment of Performance and Cost     
No54   Integration of Micro-generation and Related Energy Technologies in Buildings      
No53   Total Energy Use in Buildings: Analysis and Evaluation Methods      
No52   Towards Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings (NZEBs)     
No51   Energy Efficient Communities     
No50   Prefabricated Systems for Low Energy Renovation of Residential Buildings     
No49   Low Exergy Systems for High Performance Buildings and Communities     
No48   Heat Pumping and Reversible Air Conditioning     
No47   Cost Effective Commissioning of Existing and Low Energy Buildings     
No46   Holistic Assessment Tool-kit on Energy Efficient Retrofit Measures for Government Buildings (EnERGo)     
No45   Energy-Efficient Future Electric Lighting for Buildings     
No44   Integrating Environmentally Responsive Elements in Buildings     
No43   Testing and Validation of Building Energy Simulation Tools     
No42   The Simulation of Building-Integrated Fuel Cell and Other Cogeneration Systems (COGEN-SIM)     
No41   Whole Building Heat, Air and Moisture Response (MOIST-EN)      
No40   Commissioning of Building HVAC Systems for Improved Energy Performance     
No39   High Performance Thermal Insulation (HiPTI)     
No38     Solar Sustainable Housing     
No37   Low Exergy Systems for Heating and Cooling     
36WG   Retrofitting in Educational Buildings - Energy Concept Adviser for Technical Retrofit Measures - Extension Working Group     
No36   Retrofitting in Educational Buildings - Energy Concept Adviser for Technical Retrofit Measures     
No35   Control Strategies for Hybrid Ventilation in New and Retorfitted Office Buildings (HybVent)     
No34   Computer-Aided Evaluation of HVAC System Performance     
No33   Advanced Local Energy Planning     
No32   Integral Building Envelope Performance Assessment     
No31   Energy Related Environmental Impact of Buildings     
WG   Working Group on Indicators of Energy Efficiency in Cold Climate Buildings     
No30   Bringing Simulation to Application     
No29   Daylight in Buildings     
No28   Low Energy Cooling Systems     
No27   Evaluation and Demonstration of Domestic Ventilation Systems     
No26   Energy Efficient Ventilation of Large Enclosures     
No25   Real Time HEVAC Simulation     
No24   Heat, Air and Moisture Transport in Insulated Envelope Parts     
No23   Multizone Air Flow Modelling     
No22   Energy Efficient Communities     
No21   Environmental Performance of Buildings     
No20   Air Flow Patterns within Buildings     
No19   Low Slope Roof Systems     
No18   Demand Controlled Ventilating Systems     
No17   Building Energy Management Systems - Evaluation and Emulation Techniques     
No16   Building Energy Management Systems - User Interfaces and System Integration     
No15   Energy Efficiency in Schools     
15WG   Working Group on Energy Efficiency in Educational Buildings     
No14   Condensation and Energy     
No13   Energy Management in Hospitals     
No12   Windows and Fenestration     
No11   Energy Auditing     
No10   Building HEVAC Systems Simulation     
No9   Minimum Ventilation Rates     
No8   Inhabitant Behaviour with Regard to Ventilation     
No7   Local Government Energy Planning     
No6   Energy Systems and Design of Communities     
No4   Glasgow Commercial Building Monitoring     
No3   Energy Conservation in Residential Buildings     
No2   Ekistics and Advanced Community Energy Systems     
No1   Load Energy Determination of Buildings