EBC Annex 10 Building HEVAC System Simulation


Status: Completed (1982-1987)

Operating Agent: Prof Jean Lebrun, Université de Liege, Laboratoire de Thermodynamique, Belgium



The aim of Annex 10 was to fill in the gap between the calculation of HVAC equipment energy consumption and the computation of a building space heating demand. Annex 10 is now completed. Its results are twofold:


A data bank consisting of 19 specifications describing mathematical models of the most usual equipment encountered in hydraulic heating systems and in air conditioning systems. Models describe energy balances and in some cases also consider pressure drops when a hydraulic or aeraulic balance is required.


A series of simulation exercises conducted simultaneously by different participants. Full HVAC systems were simulated considering distribution losses and building system interactions. The results present interesting comparisons between different approaches. They have been used to decide the level of complexity required by models for accurate predictions of energy consumption. They have also demonstrated the feasibility of computer simulations applied to realistic complex systems.



Participants: Belgium, Germany, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden,
                    Switzerland, UK

 Observers: [Australia], USA



System Simulation Synthesis Report
Lebrun J, Liebecq G
University of Liège, Belgium, report AN10 881020-RF, 1988, 90pp
Out of Print