Ongoing Projects


WG   Survey on HVAC Energy Calculation Methodologies for Non-residential Buildings    
No75   Cost-effective District Level Building Renovation Strategies with Energy Efficiency and Renewables    
No74   Energy Endeavour     
No73   Towards Net Zero Energy Public Communities    
No72   Assessing Life Cycle Related Environmental Impacts Caused by Buildings    
No71   Building Energy Performance Assessment Based on In-situ Measurements     
No70   Building Energy Epidemiology: Analysis of Real Building Energy Use at Scale     
No69   Strategy and Practice of Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Low Energy Buildings     
No68   Design and Operational Strategies for High IAQ in Low Energy Buildings     
No67   Energy Flexible Buildings      
No66   Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behavior in Buildings     
No65   Long-Term Performance of Super-Insulation in Building Components & Systems      
No64   Optimized Performance of Community Energy Supply Systems with Exergy Principles     
No63   Implementation of Energy Strategies in Communities     
No62     Ventilative Cooling     
No61   Business and Technical Concepts for Deep Energy Retrofit of Public Buildings     
No60   New Generation Computational Tools for Building & Community Energy Systems     
No56   Cost-Effective Energy and CO2 Emission Optimization in Building Renovation     
No05   Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre